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Do you want to achieve your goals and get results in a safe and healthy way, supervised by a professional and from the comfort of your own home?

With Buenos Aires Personal Trainer Online option, we make it easy for you. Out trainers will develop a physical training program specifically made for you and your needs. You may follow from the comfort of your own home, in a park or a gym of your preference.
You will not be alone anymore! Your trainer will be there for you at every moment via online monitoring.

We offer two online training options:

Live Training Program

Monthly training plan: completely personalized for you to take your classes face to face with your trainer according to your previously arranged schedule.
Online Personalized Classes: through a video call, your classes will last for an hour depending on your personal objectives. Your trainer will constantly be watching your technique as well as the exercises, and motivating you in the process.

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Online Program and Counseling

Monthly Training Plan: completely personalized for you to do it at your own pace and in your time.
Continuous Monitoring: you may ask your trainer about every doubt you have. You may also send your trainer videos of you doing specific exercises and correct them if necessary.

Know our rates

To know more details about our Online Personal Training Service, please send us a message or call us so we can assist you shortly.


Live training program stories:

“In little less than a month, I was able to drop 2 kg, I feel more vital, I have more energy and I can sleep better which is really important for me. Every class that I take, I feel an improvement in my overall fitness.”
Martín Hernán


“During the time I’ve trained with Nico, I’ve loved the challenges that he sets for me regarding different exercises. I feel both my body and flexibility changing for the better. This time (because of the quarantine) I am using the Live Training Program. Nothing changed for me, we keep doing the exercises, and he’s attentive to my moves so I can prevent injuries. I highly recommend it!”
Claudia Maldonado

Graphic Designer

“I feel very comfortable with this modality. The video call allows my trainer to keep me motivated through the whole class, preventing any possible injuries and helping me achieve my own goals.
Thanks to the commitment he shows, I can continue improving myself and having a healthier way of life.”
Daiana Berrojalbis

Commercial Supervisor


Online program and counseling stories:

“I opted for an intensive 3-month training summer program, during college recess. My goal was to train with someone beside me who could teach and counsel me, by correcting my technique. That way I could prepare myself for an online program which I could do at home, by myself during the rest of the year.
We’re now currently in touch with my trainer and he’s always there when I need counselling and changes in my training routines.”
Paula Cosentino

Community Manager

“I’ve been training with Nico for over a year, when I decided that I needed to exercise more. According to my own goals and history of injuries, he prepared an aesthetic bodybuilding program for me to do it at the gym or in my home. At the same time, I’ve started eating properly. Thanks to these changes I was able to improve my muscle definition.
Nico is always attentive of my routines by adapting them to what I specifically need and to prevent future injuries or even prevent an over-training.”
Sebastian Busso

Emergency Physician

“I’ve had the chance to know Nicolás through someone who recommended him to me. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with his work, resolve, persistence and knowledge he possess as a trainer, always improving himself. Thanks to the online programs, I’ve managed to achieve my short and long-term goals. Results are in plain sight! We always strive for more!
Nico is an excellent professional!”
Damián Maggirena

Commercial Executive

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