Frequently asked question (faq)

1.- What is Bs As Personal Trainer?

Bs As Personal Trainer is a company, with 15 years of experience in the market, dedicated to provide exclusive physical training activities to our customers by helping them make necessary changes in their everyday routines and improve their body and mind in a quick and healthy way.

2.- What services do Bs As Personal Trainer provide?

Our services were developed according to what people needed to improve and the objectives they had, based on 15 years of combined experience. However, looking good, have an adequate weight, have an optimal amount of body fat, having more muscle mass or even run a marathon in record time are not the most important goals to achieve. According to us, developing a lifelong physical exercise habit is a crucial point, alongside with proper nutrition, which will result in a healthier and longer life.
We provide the following services:

  • Weight Loss
  • Women Training
  • Aesthetic Bodybuilding
  • Metabolic Training
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Sports Training

Every one of these services are available both in person and online.

3.- Does your company offer online classes? Does Buenos Aires Personal Trainer offer online classes? (!)

Of course, we do! You just need your laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection. This way, and thanks to the new technologies and apps available, you will be able to take our classes via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp from anywhere in the world and talk with our Personal Trainers while you are away from your home or on a trip. Moreover, your trainer will constantly be keeping an eye on you, correcting your technique and motivating you at the same time. We also offer a “Program and Personal Advice” method in which your personal trainer puts together a monthly exercise plan which can fit all your needs and is custom-made for you to manage. These monthly plans are continuously monitored by our trainers and you may consult her/him about all your doubts in the process. You may send your trainers videos of your exercises so he/she can make sure your technique is adequate.

4.- Where do lessons take place?

You may choose where to train, a gym, a park or even your own home. The training space will depend on your objectives and your personal preferences. Nonetheless, our personal trainers have their own elements to make your classes as comprehensive as possible. If you wish to buy elements for yourself (weights, bars, weighted discs, elastic resistance bands, jump ropes among others) so you can have your own exercise space, we offer recommendations as to what to buy, according to your own objectives.

5.- Does Buenos Aires Personal Trainer offer group lessons?

We offer a non-traditional group lesson, which counts only of 3 or 4 students per group. This way we ensure that our trainers are always checking your technique and, if necessary, correcting it.

6.- How do I select my Personal Trainer?

Method A: One on One Training (face-to-face or online)
Both you and your personal trainer will be together (online or in person). Your trainer will be watching, correcting your technique and talking to you so you feel motivated during the whole process.
To correctly select a Personal Trainer that fits all your needs, we will ask you to tells us 4/some (!) things:

Both your main and secondary goals: by doing this, we will look for the best candidate among our staff.
Your place of residence or training space (this only applies to face-to-face lessons): it may be a gym or a park, we check for a trainer that is near you, so he/she arrives there rapidly.
Days and hours available for training: Please keep in mind that coordination with our staff will depend on your days and hours availability throughout the week.
How many times a week would you like to train: According to your goals and day and hours availability, we can set up a schedule that fits your needs. After gathering all this information, we will determine which of our trainers adapts best to your profile, so we can set up a meeting (in person or online) between your trainer and talk in detail about your objectives, past physical training experiences, injuries medical history and eating habits. Once the schedule is set, you can start training right away!

B) Training Method: Training Program and Counseling

If you choose this method, your Personal Trainer will set up a specialized monthly plan which best fits your needs, so you can do it at your own time and following your own rhythm. These plans have a continuous follow up so you can clear all your doubts with your trainer. You can also send your exercise videos to your trainer so he or she can examine your technique and help you improve it if necessary.

Once you get in touch with us, we will ask of you two things:
What are your objectives and what type of service are you interested in?
What is your experience with training and how many times per week would you like to train?

According to your answers, we can set up a meeting with the trainer that best fits your needs so you can get to know him or her (both in person and online). During this meeting, your Personal Trainer will ask you about your objectives, time availability, previous training experience, injuries medical history, current training routines, eating habits and resting. Once this meeting is over, your trainer will begin to set your specialized plan and will have it ready in a few days.
Your trainer will contact you when your plan is ready to walk through it (you may talk with your trainer in person or set up an online meeting). Our specialized plans last for a month and during that time you may clear all your doubts with your trainer. One week before the plan is over, you will have to get in touch with your trainer so you are up to speed about your progress and how to set up a new specialized plan so you can keep training without any stops.

7.- Does Buenos Aires Personal Trainer have its own gym?

Buenos Aires Personal Trainer does not have its own headquarters. One of our main goals is for our clients to feel as comfortable as possible. This is why your trainer will go to your gym of preference, park or your place to train.

8.- Does Buenos Aires Personal Trainer offer a trial class?

Of course, we do! and you pay after the class is completed.

9.- Can I pay upfront or by the end of the month?

In our own experience, we have realized that our students show more commitment if they pay upfront. However, in the event that you feel comfortable and the trainer agrees, during the first month you can pay a weekly fee according to what plan you have chosen.

10.- Payment methods

You can pay any of our services in cash, wire transfer, bank deposit or Mercado Pago (Argentinian app used to pay for different services).


1.- What is a Personal Trainer?

A Personal Trainer is a health professional who evaluates and interviews people individually to develop a specialized exercise program, both in a secure and effective way according to the client’s general fitness and goals.

2.- Online vs in person training – Advantages and Disadvantages.

Advantages: both you and your trainer won’t lose any time by getting to a specific place. You can choose your own trainer from anywhere in the world, distance is not an impediment.
Disadvantages: passive stretching, muscle massaging and the immediate human touch are not available with an online methodology. Your internet connection must be flawless, or else your lesson may be interrupted due to technical problems. The corrections that your trainer may apply to your technique will not be as precise as if in person, a web camera is not as effective as the human eye.

3.- Why is it convenient to train with a Personal Trainer?

You will achieve your own goals in less time and in a more secure way by avoiding potential injuries. If your trainer gets to know you, he will motivate you to keep going with your program, especially in those moments when hesitation arises.
If you are not able to assist to your usual training grounds, a Personal Trainer may offer an online class, go to your place or even somewhere where you feel comfortable enough so your lesson is not lost. Remember, determination is a key factor in any physical conditioning program.

4.- How to choose a Personal Trainer?

Always make sure that your trainer has a certification in personal training as a Physical Education Teacher (4-year career in Argentina), Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (5-year career in Argentina), Kinesiologist (5-year career in Argentina), Fitness Instructor (2-year career in Argentina), from an officially certified institution and not a 6-month duration Personal Trainer Course.
Your trainer must have previous training experience according to what your goals are, for example weight loss, sports training or metabolic training. You should always ask for references with their current and past clients in order to find out how your trainer works and if his/her clients have reached their goals.
We strongly recommend not to follow the so called “fitness gurus” which are mainly found in social media and do not exhibit any certification as health professionals. Even though some of them have a million followers, this does not mean they really know what they are doing.
All of our Personal Trainers are certified Physical Education Teachers with specializations in their respective fields, as you may clearly see in testimonies from previous clients.

5.- Group or Personalized Lessons?

People attending group lessons have different fitness levels and some of them are not prepared to keep up with the required training exercises or its intensity. Therefore, some people will not feel nor see any change in the stipulated time and other people will feel over-trained (which can cause possible injuries and consequently abandoning the training program).
Personal Trainers, on the other hand, plan your activities according to your specific goals and needs by adjusting exercises to your own possibilities, always keeping an eye to your technique to prevent injuries. Subsequently you will get results much faster and as bonus, this contributes to saving money by not wasting it in endless group routines.

6.- Does the Personal Trainer get all the credit?

The credit is always shared. Your trainer has the obligation to help you improve, encourage you and guide you to reach the goals you set at the beginning of the training program. Nevertheless, you need to show interest in changing your lifestyle and improve your overall fitness, otherwise all effort will be in vain.